January empties: Clarins’ Blue Orchid Treatment Oil

Huile Orchidee Bleue

Well, although I promised a post on my current skin care routine, it just occurred to me that very little has actually changed since I did this post http://mbbmore.com/category/una-brenna/ back in the Autumn. So instead, this is going to be a post about the newest edition to my routine: the Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Oil (which, as […]

Una Brennan’s ‘Super Fascialist’ range: Rose Hydrate

Una Brennan's Calming Creamy Cleanser and Miracle Makeover Facial Oil

Yes I know I’m a bit late to this particular party…Una Brennan‘s range for Boots has been around for a good old while now. My only excuse is that I’ve been more than happy to slavishly follow a combination Laura Mercier/Liz Earle cleansing regime for a quite a while now (more of which on previous blog […]