Autumn stories: part 1

So what have I bought this month so far; not as much as I would like, that’s for sure! My big news is my hair cut and colour done at Gina Conway Aveda in Wimbledon ( The lovely Cliff managed to do something rather awesome with my hideous blonde highlights, which were too blonde to […]

First home hair dye experience: L’Oreal Casting Creme

I have mentioned in a few posts now that I have been getting increasingly annoyed (slight understatement) with a over zealous highlighting session that had left my fringe a lovely brassy shade of blonde. I have tried everything to try and tone it down, but to no avail. Having up to now relied on hairdressers […]

Major colour overhaul!

Unusually, I think, for someone of Asian orgin, I’m really not particularly attached to my hair. I have no qualms about having it all chopped to a crew cut. As a result, it’s really been the full spectrum of lengths, from very long to boy cut short. My mid-brown natural colour has similarly been dyed […]