Surviving a fast day…the healthy way!

Fast days on the 5 to 2 diet are hard, lets not make any bones about that. Surviving on 500 calories for two days a week is a real eye opener, making you realise how many calories there are in the foods that you though we’re healthy (I’m talking about fruit juices, nuts and even […]

Nip + Fab Body Fix range

I picked up both of these Nip + Fab ( products from Boots a few weeks ago. I’ve recently lost another stone thanks to the 5 to 2 diet, and thought that this would work nicely alongside my exercise regime, as both products are to be designed to be used post-work out. The scrub claims […]

Food for thought…

Here’s my confession for the week: despite my younger son being nearly three, I still have about a stone or so of ‘baby weight’ (I use that term loosely) to shift, before I am back to my former self. The first few stone of pregnancy weight pretty much melted away, without very much effort, and yet […]