A brow just for Scousers?

If you’ve not been watching ‘reality’/’fly on the wall’ shows (I use the term ridiculously loosely here), such as TOWIE (aka ‘The only way is Essex’), ‘Made in Chelsea’ and more recently ‘Desperate Scousewives’  you may have missed the most recent ‘beauty’ phenomenon, also known as the ‘Scouse brow’. Note the use of an eyebrow […]

Ms. Middleton’s brows

I promised myself that that name would not darken my blog, but seriously I just can’t resist. Please be assured that you won’t be hearing me eulogising about the McQueen dress here (for the record, I thought it was beautiful!), or, for that matter, commenting on Pippa’s supposedly curvaceous derriere…oh no, far more fascinating to me […]

Eyebrows: plucking up the courage

When it comes to eyebrow plucking I am definitely of the view that ‘less is more’ (and some might say it shows!).  My view is ‘don’t do it’ unless you know what you are doing.  The importance of an arched brow and how it can widen the eye is, in my view, completely overstated, and is probably the cause […]