marc by marc jacobs: my sale find from Selfridges

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I really need to be blogging more…it makes sense on sooo many levels…I’m embarrassed to say that my last post was some time in November (hangs head in shame)… My new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag bought in the Boxing Day sale seems as good a plac to start as any with my new found […]

Rant about designer bags

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I have a real bee in my bonnet about designer ‘it’ bags. In a nutshell, I prefer the bag not to do the talking for me….. I appreciate that I am in the minority here. Understandable really when every magazine or fashion blog is telling us […]

Jungle fever at Dorothy Perkins: new Summer collection

Dotty Perks' take on the lace trend

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Dorothy Perkins. So when I got a chance to go along to view their latest collection, I literally jumped at the chance.  It’s a brand that really reasonates with me, as it’s got me through my thin times (size 6 (!) pre-kids), and not so […]

The one about the Zara bag…

Zara bucket bag in blue

This is one of those irritating posts where I rave about something that’s probably already sold out at Zara. That’s actually the fundamental problem with reviewing anything that’s sold at Zara…you’ve got to be quick off the mark, otherwise it’s gone before you’ve finished reading this post. Anyway, despite the drawbacks, here is the aforementioned […]

BOTM (or bag of the month!)…

Mango satchel bag

Anyone who knows me well, will know that I am a bit of a handbag obsessive, so I am not quite sure why it’s taken me so long to actually to do a post about one! I have certain  ground rules with bags. 1. I don’t do fake leather bags…it has to be leather or […]