Revlon nails: Chroma Chameleon in ‘Tanzanite’

I came across this particular nail varnish on a recent trip to Boots, and although I’m usually a die hard Essie and Top Shop devotee at the moment when it comes to nail varnishes, I was somewhat intrigued by the promise of a chrome nail effect. I’m also a die hard purple fan, so it […]

My review of four new volumizing mascaras

Glamour Max, Grow Luscious, Scandaleyes and Extase are in the running

I’m such a sucker for all the hype surrounding mascaras: ‘volumise your lashes’, ‘maximise your lashes’, ‘condition and volumise your lashes’. I desperately want to believe that that miracle mascara is out there that will give me that ‘false lash’ look without having to go to all the hassle and expense of actually getting false […]