Aveda’s ‘Invati’ range for thinning hair

Aveda 'Invati' 'Before' shot

I was sent the Aveda ‘Invati’ ‘solution for thinning hair’ haircare system over two months ago, through the Mumsnet Bloggers Network (http://www.mumsnet.com/bloggers-network). Given that I love Aveda and its ethic, it was pretty exciting to be asked to try out their new range. My hair has been pretty straggly and thin since having my kids, […]

October ramblings

I’ve been so consumed with sorting out childcare for my two days in the office; having a miserable cold and all sorts of other boring stuff that I keep not finding the time to blog. I have got two exciting reviews coming up soon. One on Aveda’s ‘Invati’ range for thinning hair, and one on […]

lavera ‘Mango Milk Shampoo’

lavera 'Mango Milk Shampoo'

As you may have gathered by now I am developing a bit of a penchant for all things ‘lavera’. What impresses me most is the breadth of their range; unlike a lot of eco-brands there aren’t just the usual body lotion, potions and balms, but everything from the whole array of make-up to sun tan […]

Major colour overhaul!

Unusually, I think, for someone of Asian orgin, I’m really not particularly attached to my hair. I have no qualms about having it all chopped to a crew cut. As a result, it’s really been the full spectrum of lengths, from very long to boy cut short. My mid-brown natural colour has similarly been dyed […]

Is your kids’ hair driving you mad? Try this: ‘Original Sprout’

I keep on meaning to do a post along the lines of ‘stuff that I love’, or, more appropriately: ‘stuff that I couldn’t live without’! I promise that I will do this eventually. If I’m honest, as far as my kids are concerned, this list is a bit of a work in progress, as I […]