The perfect work trousers?

I have a new job working for a professional services organisation in-house. I am excited and nervous about it in equal measures. The last time I was in a similar environment was a very short stint as a very junior solicitor. I left the legal profession shortly after that to go into publishing,  writing and […]

Rant about designer bags

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I have a real bee in my bonnet about designer ‘it’ bags. In a nutshell, I prefer the bag not to do the talking for me….. I appreciate that I am in the minority here. Understandable really when every magazine or fashion blog is telling us […]

Handbags and necklaces…what more do you need on a rainy day in May?!

I should be blogging about this sort of stuff all the time; it’s not that I’m not buying and seeing new things all the time. It’s just the effort it takes to take photos, upload etc. etc. (Love Instagram, so much easier!). I am slightly obsessed with Zara at the moment…slightly late to the party […]

First OFTD ever…

This is my first ever Outfit of the Day post, for the simple reason that I can think of nothing worse than having pictures of my good self emblazoned across this blog. As you may have noticed if you are a regular reader,  most of my fashion posts feature models. That way I can at […]

The one about the Zara bag…

Zara bucket bag in blue

This is one of those irritating posts where I rave about something that’s probably already sold out at Zara. That’s actually the fundamental problem with reviewing anything that’s sold at Zara…you’ve got to be quick off the mark, otherwise it’s gone before you’ve finished reading this post. Anyway, despite the drawbacks, here is the aforementioned […]